Deeply Important Question

Okay, now that it is September, the pressure is truly on.  I must start deciding what Elizabeth shall be for Halloween!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are truly life and death decisions I am stressing over here.

Here is what I am thinking.  Last year’s pumpkin costume will fit her.

But that is boring.  She was a pumpkin last year.

She could be a ladybug.  I have always liked the ladybug costume at Babies R Us/Toys R Us.  But I think it is $30.

I could also dress her up as a fairy.  A little tutu (which I would make myself, in rainbow colors), some wings, etc.  Rainbow leggings underneath, obviously.  This is the one I am leaning towards.

What do you think? Answer the poll and leave comments. Obviously I will reward your hard work in helping me decide by showing you numerous pictures of her in her costume.