A Pain in the…

So, for two months now, Matt has been having pain in his lower back and hip.  He thought he pulled a tendon or something and since he is no stranger to pain, he’s been trying to let it heal.  Well, it kept getting worse.  So he went to the Urgent Care place after work one night and they told him he had sciatica.  They gave him a pain shot and a steroid shot and sent him on his way.  He felt better for about half a day.  The Urgent Care place told him to go to a chiropractor, so I made him an appointment last week and he went.  He felt better for a couple of hours and then woke up in worse pain.  He finds that sitting and lying in our bed hurts the most so he’s been sleeping on the floor for the last couple of nights.  Then this weekend, he was in such severe pain that I took him to the emergency room.  They gave him the strongest pain shot available and sent him home.  On the way home, he started to feel so bad that I turned the car around and took him back.  (He’s allergic to codeine, so even though this wasn’t codeine, we are careful about potential reactions.)  They put us in a back room and left us there for two more hours.  That answered our question about whether or not they thought it was an allergic reaction.  But the pain shot did absolutely nothing for his pain.  So they gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and sent him home.

Today we got the first available appointment with an orthopedist/sports medicine specialist and Matt went off.  I went to the local Mom’s Group meeting that Holly recommended to me.  (Hi, Holly!)  In the middle of the meeting, I started getting text messages from Matt saying things like “not sciatica” “need an MRI” and one odd one that said only “wiether.”  Then he called me and said that they were giving him an epidural and I needed to drive home to meet him so that we could drive back and I could then drive him home.   We did all that (the Mom’s Group is 25 minutes away and the doctor is 30 minutes the other way) and he got his epidural.  Which isn’t technically an epidural, I believe, but more of an injection of anti-inflammatory medication directly into his spine so that it can settle around his joint.  The diagnosis as it currently stands is that he probably has a bulging or slipped disk and he has an incredible pain tolerance because most people would have been hospitalized before it got this bad.  He’s going back tomorrow for an MRI to confirm this diagnosis and then they can start some treatment.  (He had to have the anti-inflammatory medication first because they believe at this point he is so inflamed that an MRI wouldn’t be able to see the specific problem because everything is such a mess right now.)

Anyway, Elizabeth had a ridiculously crazy morning and did not want to get back in the car after Matt’s appointment.  I had to shove her in her car seat (which certainly isn’t the first time I’ve done this, this child has strong opinions) and she cried for a good ten minutes.  When she calmed down, we sang “little red box” (I am SO sick of that song, never liked it in the first place actually) and then she started talking about a “car wash” she’d seen and that it is “scary” and perhaps someone would like to hold her “hand?”  So Matt held her hand and they both dozed off.  When we got in the garage, I delicately pulled Elizabeth out of the car seat (not once in her entire life has she actually stayed asleep while we’ve gotten her out of the car seat, but I try every time).  I got her out on to my shoulder and her head popped up and she shouted “CAR WASH!  CAR WASH!”  I told her that there was no car wash and she should put her head on my shoulder and I would take her to bed.  She did and actually went into a semi-trance until we got upstairs and she saw her baby dolls.  Then she needed her baby dolls and to put her pajamas on and to shut the curtains.  Eventually she did go down for her nap.

Wow, this ended up being a long way for me to tell you that I thought it was funny when she popped up shouting “CAR WASH!  CAR WASH!”