Random Bullets Due to Flu Shot Arm

  • I got my flu shot today (by the way, Target has fancy red band-aids) so my arm is sore (mainly from getting a flu shot then carrying around a large-ish baby for the rest of the day).  So I am doing bullet points.  So there.
  • Elizabeth got a sticker that looked exactly like my band-aid and proudly wore it on her upper arm.  Then she’d point to mine and then point to hers.  She was so very pleased.  It was better than the lollipop they gave her the last time we picked up a prescription there.
  • This morning was really busy.  We started at a consignment sale, went to storytime (I bought Alexa’s book), went to Target, went to Marshalls for books, and then stopped at Goodwill.  We got home late for nap and missed lunch entirely.  I am having pretzels and dip for lunch.  It is healthy and well balanced.  Elizabeth had milk.  Also well balanced.  I think we’ll have a real lunch when she gets up.  Except that I am full now.
  • I got five adorable dresses for Elizabeth at the consignment sale.  Three cordoroy jumpers (two Christmas and one Halloween), a blue plaid dress with scottie dogs, and wool plaid jumper.  They are all in good shape too.  I also got one pair of shoes for her to grow into.  They were in really bad shape, but also only a dollar, so I’ll see if I can clean them up a little.  I figured that for a dollar it was worth the chance.
  • Matt is back at work today.  He’s feeling quite sore, but better.  He gets the MRI results on Monday, so we’ll see what is going on.
  • He used up half his vacation days for the year on this back problem.  Which means that we can no longer go away for a long weekend like we were planning.  Sigh.  His company has great benefits and such like that, but their vacation policy is terrible.  But you can’t have everything.
  • We haven’t had a normal schedule for more than a week now, so I have a lot of housework to catch up on.  Also, I need to teach the baby to sleep through the night again because apparently she stopped doing that a couple of weeks ago.  Last night, she was up for an hour.  Plus another four or so wake-ups that were short.  And no, I don’t think she’s teething this time.  I think it is habit from the teething and then the vacation and then the houseguests.  We’ve had a messed up month.
  • Oh, I just remembered.  Moms of older kids, I have a question.  I am trying to stock up on deals when I see them for things that I have to buy for Elizabeth.  We always have plenty of clothes (she’s the first grandchild on both sides, so the clothes flow in), but I find that I have to buy shoes and socks and pajamas.  So I’ve been doing the consignment sales, Goodwill, and sales to try to find these things on sales.  (Well, not the socks yet.)  I find it nearly impossible to find footie pajamas any larger than 18 month sizes.  Sometimes they have bigger ones, but it is rare.  Is that because larger children don’t wear footie pajamas for some reason that I haven’t yet thought of?  (Potty training perhaps?)  Am I stocking up on (okay, well, I have one pair in 3T, it’s not a stock yet) something she’ll never wear?  Is there anything else I should start looking for?