Friday Night Leftovers

  • I know, bullet points two days in a row!  You guys are SO lucky!
  • I got Alexa’s book at the bookstore yesterday.  (I have been terrible neglectful in not purchasing it before now.  I deeply apologize, Alexa.)  It was all I could do not to inform the cashier that “I KNOW HER!”  I didn’t, but only because the cashier was distinctly unimpressed when I bought Mel’s book last year.
  • Oh my heavens, Alexa is a good writer.  I keep reading and thinking “wow, that is a good sentence.  That is another good sentence.  And THIS is a good sentence too.”  We were nearly late to playgroup this morning and it would have been all Alexa’s fault.
  • On my way to playgroup, a train was parked on the railroad tracks blocking the road.  I turned around and went another way.  Luckily, too, since when I came back from playgroup, an hour and a half later, the train was still there.
  • I met a neighbor this morning by standing out in the front yard.  Maybe I should do that more often.  She lives two doors down and has a two and a half year old boy.
  • Elizabeth has stopped sleeping through the night in the last month.  I believe I have mentioned this before here?  Yes?  Anyway, re-sleep training started last night (Subtitled: Go to Sleep on Your Own Already) and did not go well for quite a long time.  I gave her all her dolls.  Matt went up.  I went up.  I turned on the nightlight, I turned off the nightlight.  I gave her a cup of hot chocolate.  The magic trick turned out to be a different sippy cup, full of cold water with a little lemon (I was trying to make it interesting) and my big, burglar whacking flashlight.  (I keep the flashlight under my bed.  It’s one of those big heavy black ones, like policemen or museum guards carry.  It’s heavy.  I store it under the bed so I can whack a burglar with it.  So be warned, burglars.)  Elizabeth turned the flashlight on and off, on and off, on and off.  Then she fell asleep clutching it in her tiny arms.
  • Today, I am going to Target with my free $10 gift card (free with a flu shot and a new or transferred prescription) and get Elizabeth one of those stuffed animal things with the lights in it.  I think she’d really like one of those and it might help her get back to sleep on her own.  She likes lights.
  • Tags on blog posts?  On the old blog, I did them obsessively.  Here I haven’t put up a single one.  Do you want tags?  If so, what categories and such?
  • Making friends here is going slowly.  Which is not unexpected.  It’s hard to make friends as an adult.  My mom pointed out on the phone the other day that you have to go through a lot of people to find the good ones.  That is so very true.  Except for friends that are pre-screened from blogging.

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