Everyone Loves a Parade

I took Elizabeth to her first parade this morning.  The town I live in is a really small town.  When I heard they were having the yearly town festival, with booths and food stalls and a parade, I put it on the calendar to take Elizabeth.  We got there and found a good parking place, even though the parade started in five minutes.  (I left home only nine minutes before it started.  Like I said, small town.)  We walked over to the parade route and found a nice spot between two cars.  Another family with their two boys (maybe seven-ish?) came to stand next to us.  Everyone was saying that as soon as the train went through, the parade would start.  (There is a lot of railroad track through the town and the parade route went over it.)  A few minutes later, an Amtrack train came through, blowing its horn like crazy.  It was actually kind of a nice way to start the parade.  Then there were hundreds of Shriners.  For a while, I thought it was a whole parade of Shriners and they couldn’t get anyone else.  But eventually, they ran out of Shriners and there were all the normal parade-y things.

Cute babies in strollers attract a lot of candy throwing.  Elizabeth found this part of the parade to be particularly important.

But the seven year old boys next to you are faster at getting that candy than your slow Mama.

One of the churches came by with a float and were handing out bottles of water.  It was really hot, so this was a fantastic idea.  Another church gave out those popsicles in the tubes.  Elizabeth had never had one of those before (and ended up getting two, the benefits of being cute) and spent the next ten minutes slurping those up as quickly as she could. Then the man standing next to me took our picture and just emailed it to me.

Anyway, my incredibly small town managed to put on a parade that lasted a full hour.  Several times I got tears in my eyes because going to town festivals and local parades was a big part of my childhood.  And now I was taking my sweet baby to one.  I imagine she’ll even be in this local parade one of these years.