How Easy are Cloth Diapers?

Elizabeth, in observance of her new policy of Not Sleeping, was in her crib playing around this afternoon instead of napping. She threw her dolls out of the crib. She played with her light up ball thing. She bounced up and down. She ran laps, back and forth, back and forth. Then she started to remove her clothes. First she took off her sleep sack and played with that for a while. Then she took off her diaper.

After she takes her clothes off, she has never once fallen asleep without me going back up there, so once I saw on the video monitor that she was getting into that, I went up there. I went in and she solemnly handed me her diaper and told me that she needed a “new one!” She had removed the insert for me and fastened both laundry tabs.

Cloth diapers: so easy a baby can do it!