The Training

Oh the pressure, you guys!  Everyone, and in that everyone I include grocery store checkers, want me to start potty training Elizabeth.  At mom’s groups and play dates, all I am hearing about is the potty training.  And how their kid went at sixteen months on the potty!

Well, do you know what?  Elizabeth will be the eighteenth child I have potty trained.  I taught in daycare for a while and potty trained seventeen children (split between two classes).  I am so over potty training.  I’m bored of it and I don’t want to do it yet.  So I am not going to.

Also, if you want to get down to it, Elizabeth isn’t ready yet.  I mean, sure she has some of the signs, but no, she’s not ready yet.  I’m a huge fan of waiting until the CHILD is ready to potty train.  (And for selfish reasons- it is WAY easier.  Trust me, not all those seventeen children were ready and I’ve had to clean poop off of daycare stairs.  More than once.)

Note to other mom’s at my mom’s meeting: Age of potty training is not correlated to future SAT scores.

*End of rant.  Thank you.

**Edited to add: I’ve just noticed on Twitter that you guys are doing some kind of potty training thing.  This rant is not directed at anyone online, that is just my bad timing.  It was just a culmination of too many in person attacks of “my kid is so smart because they can use the potty!”