More Potty Talk

Today’s potty training rant is courtesy of the random stranger in Goodwill today that asked me if Elizabeth is potty trained.  She asked me how old Elizabeth is (“twenty one months, so almost two, thanks”) and then she asked me if she is potty trained.  Those are the only two details about my darling baby that she was interested in.  I mean, at LEAST ask her name before you start inquiring about her bathroom habits.

Here’s the deal.  I am pretty sure Elizabeth could be potty trained if she wanted to be.  If she wanted to be is the key phrase there.  Salome Ellen hit the nail on the head in yesterday’s comments when she pointed out that it has to do with stubbornness.   Elizabeth extremely opinionated.  She is fierce in her beliefs.  She has signs of readiness.  She can hold it for hours when she’s naked.  She enjoys sitting on the potty, flushing, and using toilet paper.  (Even though she’s recently started calling it “paper towels.”)  She will tell me before she has to go.  (One hundred percent of the time for number two and about fifty percent of the time for number one.  Oh, only if she’s naked though.)  But if she tells me that she has to go, she WILL NOT sit on the potty.  No.  No.  No.  And don’t think you can make her (not that I would try to MAKE her) because she does not bend at the waist when approached with a potty when she needs to use it.  So I declare her not ready.  But she likes nakey time a lot, so I’m sure eventually she’ll get the idea.  Also, I’ve recently been discussing the possibility with her that she might get some candy if she goes on the potty.  She’s intrigued.

(Before someone suggests that it sounds like I am potty training her by my description up there, I’m really not.  Remember, I have potty trained before.  I’m just allowing her a recreational interest in the potty if she desires.  It’s nothing regimented or consistent.  We go DAYS without her sitting on the potty at all.  For comparison, I’d say we are at the singing the alphabet song stage of learning to read.  Or at the sitting on a tricycle stage of competing in the Tour de France.)

Part of the reason I am not interested in active potty training right now is that I am pretty sure she could just do it if she wanted to.  So why should I do all the work?  I’ll just change diapers (which, as we’ve discussed before, is no big deal) and let this happens when it happens.

I’ll leave you with a funny story.  When I was being forced into potty training talk with other moms, one of them said that to get her daughter ready, she’s really started taking her to the bathroom when she (the mom) has to go.  My immediate thought was “wait, what?  You got to go to the bathroom ALONE?  How did you work that out?”