Friday Night Leftovers

  • Did I ever remember to tell you that Matt has a herniated disc in his back that is pressing directly on his nerve?  It isn’t/wasn’t sciatica at all and that is why he was not getting any better.  We’re hitting it with anti-inflammatory medication to try to reduce the swelling enough to get his disc to slip back into place.
  • We can’t go on vacation this year now because Matt will have used all his time off on this injury.
  • I found Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper at the store!  (Regular Dr. Pepper, not diet.  I don’t drink diet.)  I gave up caffeine a couple of years ago (when I stopped being able to sleep when I had any caffeine at all) so this is a giant treat.  (The only soda I like is Dr. Pepper.  Or cream soda.)
  • Elizabeth would like Adam to come over to play please.  She asked me at lunch.  (This bullet point is specifically for Adam’s mom to read.)  She’d like: “Adam? Coming?  See him?  Walk?”
  • Elizabeth came downstairs this morning as Matt was about to leave for work.  He took her and said “give me a kiss.”  She gave him a kiss.  He said “give me a hug.”  She said “PEANUT BUTTER!”  He said “give me a hug?”  She said “PEANUT BUTTER!  BOWL!  HIGH CHAIR!”  So she had a bowl of peanut butter for breakfast.  In her high chair.
  • Sometimes Elizabeth Skypes with various friends and relatives.  When we lose the Skype connection, she yells “lost ’em!”  So now she’s started saying “lost ’em!” when we hang up the phone.  (She also enjoys speaking to various friends and relatives on the phone.)
  • I just talked to my sister on the phone and lost my complete train of thought.  So now I don’t remember what else I was going to say.  (You: “Jen, what train of thought?  This is a collection of random stuff.  There is no train of thought.”)
  • I remembered one more thing.  I killed five flies in the last half hour.  FIVE.  That is disgusting.  I really despise flies.

Anyway, go to Danifred’s blog and see if she’s posted more Friday Night Leftovers.  (As of this moment, she hasn’t.  But I still like her anyway.)