Cute Baby Saturday

I find it very odd when people (relatives, mind you!) Facebook friend Elizabeth, who at age one, clearly does not write her own Facebook profile, but ignore me.  That is all I have to say about that.

Wait, I didn’t ruin anyone’s illusions, right?  You all knew that Elizabeth doesn’t write her own Facebook page?

For Cute Baby Saturday today, I present you with this.  Matt got up with her this morning, so I got to sleep an entire extra hour!  And then I put on makeup!  Well rested and with makeup.  Look out.  Anyway, Matt and Elizabeth chose Elizabeth’s outfit this morning.  Matt picked out the football jersey.  (Which was our first ever baby purchase.)  And Elizabeth chose her new baby legs and her socks.  The hat was made by Amanda and I am just waiting for it to get cold again so that Elizabeth can wear it.

But I slept in for a while and right after I woke up, the bedroom door opened ever so quietly as Matt and Elizabeth checked to see if I was up yet.  Since I was, they came in and Elizabeth dived on to me.  (She still says “DIVE DIVE” like she learned when we were moving.)  She hugged and snuggled me.  It was just so nice.  She’s never been a cuddler really, since she is always so busy.  So this is really the first time she jumped into bed with me and actually snuggled.  I think she missed me for that hour we were separated.