The Place with the Annoying Mouse

So, Matt has an undying love for Chuck E. Cheese.  He wasn’t able to go much as a kid because he was always so tall- he’d get kicked out for being too old, even when he wasn’t.  So a while ago, he asked me how old Elizabeth would have to be before she’d enjoy going.  We settled on about a year and a half old, so when we moved here, a new tradition was born.

In theory, I can’t stand Chuck E. Cheese.  It’s loud, it’s noisy (yes, those are synonyms, but it deserves to go in there twice), it’s crowded, it’s crazy.  However, we’ve discovered that if we go really early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday (but Sunday is by far the best), we are the only ones there.  Today we got there at 9:15am (and they open at 9:00am) and had a full hour to ourselves before anyone else even showed up.

An empty Chuck E. Cheese is pretty nice, actually.  They have little rides for Elizabeth and I get to play as much skeeball as I want.  It’s not that expensive either.  Obviously, it could be, but we rarely order any food and probably spend less than $7 or so in tokens each week.  I’m saving all the little plastic things I win for our Halloween treats.  (I have candy too, for the older kids, but I’ve noticed that the little kids are always thrilled to get something different.)

And we stay on the opposite side of the room from the singing mouse.