Someone Else Made Me Lunch Today

Today, Elizabeth and I went to play with Adam.  Oh, and Holly, who is Adam’s mom, who we met on the internet.  But Elizabeth feels that you need to know that Adam and his toys and his trucks and his cars and his nice dog and his kitty cat and his toys are the most important parts.  Those Mama people just talked to each other and what is interesting about that?

Elizabeth and Adam had a really nice time together.  They played and played and only had a few territorial squabbles (which were just both of them yanking on the same thing, no hitting or fighting or crying).  They had lunch together and peer pressured each other into eating things that they wouldn’t have eaten anyway.

(And Holly fed me a truly delicious lunch today too.  I love not having to make my own lunch.  My only real regret is that I got too full from the really good pasta salad to finish my muffin.)

Now, you may be wondering how much fun Elizabeth really had?  Well, she woke up halfway through her nap this afternoon, sat straight up, and shouted “ADAM!”