Your Evening Entertainment

Okay, so last night Matt and I were going to bed and Matt said, “you know John Mulaney?  You should put his best meal I ever had bit on your blog.  Because he’s not as popular as he should be and someone ought to change that.”

So apparently, Matt thinks I have the power to increase this guy’s popularity.

Which I don’t.  But this is one of the funniest bits of stand up I’ve heard, so I’ll share.

Also, it is a really strange YouTube video.  Don’t watch the video (at least not the first time), it just takes away from the audio.  Just listen.  Someone edited together a bunch of still photographs to match the words, but it doesn’t and it is weird.  (And not in an entertaining kind of way.)

And then when John Mulaney suddenly becomes amazingly popular, he’ll know who to thank.