Why It is Easier to Talk to Strangers

I’ve been trying to be more open about the fact that I blog to people I know in my outside-the-computer life.  Previously, the blog was the blog and the rest of my life was the rest of my life and never the two shall meet.  My family doesn’t know that I blog here.

Let me explain why I put a lot of stuff on the internet for “strangers” to read that I don’t send to my own mother.  My family is stuck with me.  No matter what, I can’t get rid of them.  And with that, comes the fact that I can’t un-say something.  If they get a piece of knowledge, they have it forever.

With “strangers” on the internet, I have that safety net.  I can’t un-tell you something personally, but if I wanted to (and I don’t, and can’t see ever doing it), I could shut down my computer and never turn it on again.

Now, that being said, I started the website here with the thought that it would eventually become available for public consumption.  I am slowly coming out of the blog closet and trying to get more comfortable merging the BlogJen with the OtherJen.

After all, so many of you “strangers” have become my best friends.