Friday Night Leftovers

  • We went to another consignment sale this morning.  We didn’t buy anything.  I’ve discovered that I do NOT like consignment sales as they first open.  I’m just not that into it that I want to be that squished and crowded.  We’ll go later, when all the keen people have cleared out.
  • We went to story time this morning at the library.  We went to the later session (we normally go to the early session, see above re: consignment sale) and Elizabeth was the only kid there who had been there before.  So she told everyone what to do.  Also, she likes your baby.
  • Matt is home from work today because he had another procedure on his back (which seems somewhat better, thank you for asking) and was ordered by his doctor to “let things settle.”
  • My mom’s birthday is next week.  Present ideas, pretty please?  She likes quilting and golf.  Also, this is one of those fancy birthdays that ends in a zero.  She’s going to be thirty.  (And I remind you that I am currently twenty-nine, so you might take that with a grain of salt.)
  • Elizabeth and I are doing the Resolve- Walk of Hope tomorrow with a bunch of other local bloggers.  Check back tomorrow (or Sunday, I might be tired) for updates!

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