My People

Tonight, I had dinner with Andrea, Renee, Jennifer, Dawn, and Julie.  (And Elizabeth.  I was going to leave her home, but I looked at how Matt was moving and just knew that he could not handle four hours alone chasing her.)  It was so nice.  The internet is a wonderful place.  It is wonderful to sit down to dinner with five people that you’ve never seen before and get along with them fantastically and immediately.

I’ve been a little more stressed than usual lately.  Matt’s been in so much pain for about two months now and that is wearing on all of us.  (He a little more…on edge when he hurts.  Not that I blame him.)  And Elizabeth hasn’t slept properly since we got back from Ohio.  So a night with my people was exactly what I needed.

(Pictures to follow.  But I forgot to ask who allows their face on the internet so I have to do that first.)