Resolve Walk of Hope

The Walk of Hope was really fun.  I loved getting to meet so many new people.

Elizabeth loves her friend.  And that is the most I could get her to turn towards me to take her picture because she really likes this baby.

Don’t you try to move the stroller containing “Baby Gabe-ril” away from her.  She’s got a good grip.

We did the Resolve walk with a bunch of local bloggers.  I wish I had links to put here, but alas, I am a loser who didn’t take a piece of paper like I intended to, so I don’t HAVE links. (If you happen to be one of those lovely local bloggers, please send links.)

I didn’t win any of the raffle prizes.  But Elizabeth did receive a lovely bag of sugar.  Oh, it was a nice bag.  It had a candy bracelet, a capri sun juice, two pixie sticks, a lollipop… I know I am forgetting a few things.  Also, it had non-sugar items, like some of those popular new rubber bands bracelets (if I weren’t out of touch with pop culture, I’d know what those things are), temporary tattoos, and a little finger puppet guy.  She really, really liked this bag.  It kept her happy all the way home (during what was supposed to be nap time).

Speaking of pixie sticks.  She pulled those out of her bag of sugar and played with them for a little while.  When we got to the car, I put the pixie sticks on the front seat and handed her the rest of the bag of sugar to play with on the way home.  What?  I didn’t want her to spill pixie stick sugar all over the car.  So, halfway home, I look down and see that the blue pixie stick is leaking all over the front seat.  And, GASP, it is all over my camera.  So, I am shooting down I-20 at seventy miles per hour… licking pixie stick sugar off my camera.

The camera survived.  I vacuumed the front seat when I got home.

Then Elizabeth took her nap, we went to the mall with Matt for a while, and then set off back to Atlanta for dinner with anyone who showed up.  Dinner was fantastic.  Blog writers and readers are my people.

Now, I’ve been trying to figure out how I did so much in one day.  Let’s do a tally here:

4 hours in the car (two round trips to Atlanta and back)

3 hours at the Resolve Walk

3 hours at dinner

1.5 hours for Elizabeth to nap

1.5 hours at the mall with Matt

2 showers (this is approximately 400% of my normal daily rate- you people should be honored)

2 cleanings of kitchen (which I should point out that I didn’t actually cook in all day)

(The answer is that I am rounding up by fifteen minutes on some of those tallies.  And I didn’t sleep a lot.  Elizabeth did though.  She only woke up twice last night.  And slept until nearly nine this morning.)

Anyway, in conclusion, the internet is awesome.