Critical Mass

Too much stuff.

I have been trying, very hard, to rid our house of too much stuff.  We’ve made significant progress, but we will have a way to go.  I have the perfect example of that today.

For about two weeks, Matt has been complaining that he can’t find his favorite pair of work pants and that I need to do the laundry more often.  I suggested that perhaps he put them in with the dry cleaning (which rarely gets taken in, since we don’t ever have much) instead of the laundry.  So this morning, after he left for work, I took every piece of dry cleaning out of the bin and searched for Matt’s pants.  Not in there.

So I went through all the laundry baskets, even though I’ve completely emptied them all twice since the pants went missing.  Not in there.

I found them.  Hanging up in the closet.  Next to all of Matt’s other work pants.