Guest Post the First

Tonight, we have Guest Post the First from Maresi, who is super fast at sending in guest posts.

Hey kids!  My name is Maresi and you may know me from my snarky comments telling Jen to move back to Florida.  Seriously, I just got her as a friend and then she takes off.  Silly her, wanting to live where her husband lives.  Sheesh.

Anyhoo… I’ve got a bearded husband named Timon and a too-tall 6 year old named Henry and a silly elfin 2 year old named Maria.  I’m a youth pastor and a bunch of other things at a United Methodist Church in west-central Florida.  It’s still very hot here, in case you were wondering.  In 2010 I committed to post daily on my photo blog, which I have successfully done.  However, that meant that I have seriously neglected my first blog and it sadly only gets new posts a couple times a month.  Meh, my few readers (read: my mom & dad) only come for the photos anyway.  (My kids are pretty freaking adorable, so it’s worth a click.)

I am seeing
– my computer screen; my messy desk; my photo of Henry and Maria attached to the corner of my monitor; my pile of work reading that I need to get done; my cousin’s address where he spent a few months before he died in April, 2006 (I can’t bear to throw away that post-it); my small icons I brought back from Greece; a bottle of Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue; a valentine given to me by Ashley, a youth group member who died of brain cancer just over 2 years ago.

I am hearing – the window a/c, my pandora station (downhere, leeland – my 2 favorite bands)

I am smelling – my office smells a little like old musty church, sharpie, dry erase marker, and cinnamon bun candle.

I am feeling – I feel the keys under my fingers, my comfortable desk chair, and a slight headache.

I am tasting – I still taste the last sip of watered down grape juice I brought to work with me.  Yes, I like watery juice like you give to a 2 year old.  But I don’t use a sippy cup.

I am reading – I just finished a book my friend Enuma wrote (it was So Very Good) and today I will tackle the book at the top of the aforementioned pile, called Why I Am A United Methodist.  Sounds intriguing, no?  No?!?  Oh, well.

For today – Reading, planning tomorrow night’s youth gathering, scrounging up some lunch, more reading, picking the kids up from their surrogate grandparents’ house, cooking dinner (asian shrimp salad), figuring out a photo to post on the photo blog, watching the Ken Burns PBS show on baseball, reading more of Drums Of Autumn (book 4 in the Outlander series, also recommended by Barb), collapsing into slumber.

Wishes for the future – I hope Henry does well on his science test today and his math test tomorrow.  One of his job-sharing teachers left yesterday and the new one is already in place.  I am wondering how that’s going.  I am hoping the church approves my request giving me an extra week’s vacation for 2011 since I haven’t had a raise in 6 years.  I am hoping we can figure out how to have at least one more child – this would entail moving out of our home which is given to us as part of my salary and has only 2 bedrooms.  This isn’t something we can just give up, as the church can’t afford to pay me cash for the work – moving would mean impossible expenses.  And so my aging (nearly 33) and already malfunctioning ovaries (PCOS) lie in wait, hoping against hope that they will cooperate when we figure this out.  Someone is missing from our family, and we’re not willing to settle until that person is with us.

Ok, that’s my guest post.  I hope I didn’t bore you to death.  I know that I’d be a lot less bored if Jen still lived in Florida.