New Doctor

We went to the new pediatrician’s office today.  (If you recall, I didn’t like the first one we tried here because their office was too dirty.)  This office had two giant fish tanks in the lobby.  One for the sick side and one for the well side.  And instead of fish, they had baby turtles in them.  That is definitely a win.

The nurse took us back (Elizabeth weighs 27.2 pounds) and took Elizabeth’s temperature, using a thermometer she stuck under her arm.  (Apparently, she’s a big girl now.  The last time they took her temperature, they most definitely did NOT stick the thermometer under her arm.)  Elizabeth did not approve.  At all.  She spent the rest of the visit holding her arms tightly crossed across her chest.

The pediatrician was nice and explained how everything worked.  She listened to Elizabeth’s heart and checked her eyes and ears.  I appreciated that she took time to play with the little instruments before (and after) using them on Elizabeth (who was VERY suspicious that someone might take her temperature again).

Then the pediatrician left the room and brought Elizabeth a popsicle.  Apparently, at this practice, they do popsicles instead of lollipops or stickers.

Elizabeth thoroughly and most definitely approves of this popsicle practice.

Then the nurse came and stuck Elizabeth in the thigh with a flu shot.

Elizabeth thoroughly and most definitely does NOT approve of shots in the thigh.

She only cried for about twenty seconds though.  I mean, she DID have a popsicle in one hand, it can’t be THAT bad.  (She did start her crying off with a “MAMA!” and a nice look of “how could you let them do that to me?”  You know, just to make sure that I felt bad.)  (I didn’t feel bad.  I laughed at her little toddler face being pulled into that scolding expression.)

Then we went to Target (a new bookshelf for Elizabeth’s room and a container of wipes- that Elizabeth has adopted as her friend and named “Wipies”), the consignment store (brown suede Mary Jane shoes and a few minutes to play in Baby Jail), and lunch (burrito and chips).

The bookshelf is already assembled (and now we need more books) and I cleaned out her closet.  It has been a very productive morning.