Tiny Parts of Each Other's Lives

Before the internet was invented (which for me was in 2007), I had family and local friends.  Then I got a blog!  And now I have friends all over the world.

And you are my friends.  I tell your stories and start with “well, my friend told me…”  I think one of the most wonderful things about this community is how we become part of each other’s lives.

It’s the little things.  I would never have known about Hyland’s teething tablets or cloth diapers without reading blogs.  One of my favorite emails ever was when someone emailed me to tell me that when I posted about Elizabeth’s first teeth and how handy it was to have the medicine and teething rings in the house already, they went out and got them before they needed them.  And then had them already when their kid got teeth and were saved from an hour of crying while they went to the store.  And in that moment, I felt like my blog was worth something, even if it was a small something.

There have been times when I’ve been down and the support that has come from here has brought me back up.  I’ve read in other people’s stories about how comments helped them through a tough time and I thought, “I remember leaving one of those comments.”

We share recipes (twice this week, my family has eaten dinner from another blogger’s recipe), we share ideas, we share support.  Barb’s E just said his first words from a book that I sent him.  Elizabeth sleeps in blogger pajamas every night.  I’ve never met another blogger (or reader) that I didn’t like.  It’s really amazing how you can get along so immediately with someone you’ve never spoken to before.

It’s these little tiny parts that add up to an enormous thing.  And this enormous thing has made my life more complete.