Friday Night Leftovers

  • I have noticed that almost everyone else puts the explanations for their photographs under the photographs.  But I put mine on top.  It just seems right that way to me.  And when I look at other people’s photographs I always wonder what is wrong with their captions.  Even though everyone else does it the same way and I do it differently.
  • I took Mel’s breastfeeding manifesto to LLL with me today.  I was bracing myself for arguments, since I get snapped at there every time I say something like “well, not everyone CAN breastfeed”.  And it ended up being a non-event.  I gave it to the leader and told her I brought it to share.  And she skimmed it and said she’d read it properly later.  So maybe they’ll argue with me next time?  It was a really empty meeting this time anyway, two regulars, two new people, and the one doula who doesn’t talk.  But at least I tried.
  • I ate homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter filling yesterday and now I want to bake.  And bake lots.  And preferably bake homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter filling.
  • We got a new bed for our bedroom.  (I may have told you that before.  It came on Tuesday.  Now it is Friday.)  I tried to find a picture of it online, but it doesn’t exist.  So you’ll have to wait until I get to the bedroom part of the house tour.  (“Jen,” you ask, “what house tour?  You showed us one room and stopped.  You suck at house tours.”)
  • If you were going to decorate with colorful things in glass jars (idea stolen from ideas given to Maggie when she was moving), what would you put in your glass jars?   (I am not awesome enough to be able to come up with the exact post of Maggie’s where she got that recommendation, which is a shame because it was a great idea.)
  • It’s my mom’s birthday today.  One of the birthday’s that ends in a zero.  (Hint, I’m nearly thirty myself and she was not in her twenties when I was born.  Oh, nor her teens.)  However, she doesn’t read this website, so you don’t need to wish her happy birthday.  Elizabeth wished her happy birthday today on the phone though, it was adorable.
  • I have an internal struggle over whether to go out to dinner tonight or not.  A lot of Friday nights we do go out to dinner.  But we haven’t in a couple of weeks due to an odd set of circumstances.  (Don’t be sad for me, we went out other nights and ordered in and stuff.)  So I want to go.  But we’ve spent a lot of money this month.  And mostly it was me buying more stuff than usual.  And we bought a bed and a plane ticket.  And I bought two new shirts that just came in the mail today.  So maybe we ought to eat at home.  Yes, I think I convinced myself.  (Convincing subject to change.)
  • So, hilarious Elizabeth story.  Her favorite (FAVORITE) book character is Mouse, from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  (Except we don’t have that book, we have The Best Mouse Cookie, a board book sequel.)  And we get a few others from the library.  This week we have Happy Easter, Mouse.  (What?  Our library doesn’t have much of a board book selection.)  There is one page where Mouse is standing on the counter, finding Easter eggs.  And each time we get to that page, Elizabeth looks at the picture and yells, “Get down, Mouse!  No table!”

More Leftovers at Danifred.  Maybe, eventually.