I was talking with a couple of different moms yesterday about bedtime routines.  I described Elizabeth’s (sometimes a bath, diaper, pajamas, pick out baby dolls, turn on fan, turn off light, shut curtains, rocking chair, into crib, fall asleep) and there was a collective silence.

Then someone incredulously asked, “when do you read to her?”

Um, the ENTIRE rest of the day, thanks.  There are some days when she doesn’t play with her toys at all and just does books all day long.  She is a book machine.  I do not think that she requires extra books at bedtime.

(To be fair, since I put the bookshelf in her bedroom, we have occasionally been reading some books between the pajamas and the baby dolls, but it is certainly not in the routine yet.)

I can’t be the only person who doesn’t read books at bedtime, can I?