A Problem

Again, I cannot be the only person in the world to have this problem.  I am hoping someone out there has a genius idea.

Elizabeth has learned to “unkabunkle Dibits!”

This means that she waits until we are on the highway and she unbuckles the chest strap of her carseat.  It doesn’t matter how tight I make the straps (for a while, getting them as tight as they can possibly go worked) (which is how you want carseat straps anyway) or where I slide the buckle.  She’s learned to unfasten it and she does it.

Luckily she doesn’t do it often and when she does do it, she doesn’t try to get out or take her arms out of the straps.  She just unbuckles it and sings out “unkabunkle Dibits!” with great pride in her accomplishment.

We have the Graco MyRide65 (and I’ve written Graco about this too).  I don’t think it is a problem with the specific carseat, just that specific kind of buckle (and they are on all the carseats I’ve seen).  She also can unfasten it on other brands of carseats when she’s given the chance.  (Like a playgroup and the infant bucket seats are on the floor.)  Luckily she cannot undo the bottom buckle and I don’t think she’ll get to that as it is hard for me to do.

Any ideas?  Are there any products out there designed to remove her access to that buckle?  She’s not even two yet, I can’t believe she figured it out.