Guest Post the Third

Let’s talk about the jiggle

Take a fairly in-shape, size 4 girl.

Get her pregnant.

Let her eat Oreos and chicken mcnuggets like they are going out of style.

Then the baby is born.

And those oreos and chicken mcnuggets are still hanging around the thighs and midsection of the girl.

Fast forward 17 months.

(I was all brave on vacation wearing a bikini. don’t let it fool you. the jiggle was in full force, but it was hot, so whatever)

Finally, the oreos and chicken mcnuggets have worked their way off and I am back to a size that I don’t mind.

(look, I am realistic, I KNOW that I will probably never see a size 4 again. I can deal.)

Except there is a problem.

The oreos and chicken mcnuggets have left some serious residual jiggle. Or maybe that is just from the whole pregnancy thing. Either way? the weight that is left is no longer baby weight – it’s definitely mommy weight.  (I mean come on ladies, we can only blame the baby for so long!)

And it’s not the “weight” that I care about it – because I have lost all of those 50 pounds that I gained. And I even ran a 5k last year, so cool!

It’s the jiggle that’s getting me down.

The doughy skin and flubber that has attached itself to my tummy and inner thighs.  That annoys the crap out of me when trying on clothes and looking in the mirror.  That is my biggest problem.

I’ve been running on the elliptical and trying to shred it off.

But what else can a girl do?

What are your tips to getting rid of the jiggle?

(and yes, i know, put down the oreos. BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD!)

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and HUGE thanks to Jen for letting me invade her little section of the Internet.