Loose Ends

  • This is the best car seat advice I’ve found so far.  I appreciated how she admitted that she was doing the best she could with several “Plan B” options, that yes, it would be ideal to use the seat exactly as recommended and have the child not unbuckle it, but couldn’t.  And I thought her idea was reasonable and agreed with her reasoning behind it.  At the moment, it is balancing the risk to find the lesser risk.  I don’t know if we’ll end up doing that or not, but I am collecting a bunch of ideas to try.
  • At the moment, I’ve attached diaper pins to the car seat straps, to keep her from sliding the buckle down.  That is a test to see if she can still unbuckle it when it stays exactly where it is supposed to stay.  (I think she can, but it is hard to tell because I’ve never seen her do it from start to finish.)  In the test run, she didn’t unbuckle herself, but then again, she was only doing it at about a rate of once a week before.
  • I’m still really angry at Graco.  I can’t believe they know about this problem and are apparently doing nothing about it.
  • I went to the local Mom’s Group business meeting this morning.  Elizabeth stayed next door in the nursery, playing with all the other kids.  About halfway through, a tear-stained Dibits appeared at the door and ran into my lap, where she stayed for quite a while, cuddling me.  She still hasn’t told me what was wrong.  (Obviously nothing serious.)  But I appreciated the cuddling because she is not usually willing to hold still long enough to be cuddled.
  • Elizabeth’s friend Adam and his mom Holly were both at the meeting too.  Adam also ended up coming to join the meeting.  When Adam and Holly left for a few minutes, the whole meeting was treated to a loud Elizabeth voice yelling “ADAM?  WHERE GO?  ADAM?  ADAM?  WHERE GO?”  Then he came back and she shouted “Adam!” and was happy again.
  • Many thanks to the TruGreen guy who rang our doorbell as we were ten seconds away from nap.  (I’m actually not being sarcastic here.)  When I opened the door and he saw me holding a baby in pajamas who was rubbing her eyes and using my foot to hold back a barking dog, he simply asked me if I wanted TruGreen and then went away when I said no.  It was the most polite door to door salescall I’ve had.  I will remember this and I will use TruGreen if I ever need whatever it is that TruGreen does.
  • I hate door to door annoyances salesmen.
  • It’s actually cold here now.  (Wait, I’m sorry, for you people who live where it actually gets cold, it is “cold” here now.)  Does anyone have a good source of the cotton knit tights?  Not the fancy dress up ones, the sturdy ones.  I’ve been looking and it doesn’t seem like places here stock them.  I have two pairs from last year.  One pair came from Australia and one pair came with an infant dress that I bought Elizabeth for her first Christmas.  So I can’t exactly replicate those purchase locations.
  • Elizabeth is going trick-or-treating this year for as long as she wants.  (Last year I let her go to one house.)  Or at least as long as she actually wants, not as long as she thinks she wants.  Then I am going to eat all her candy myself.