It Would Be Bullets if I Were More Organized

I caught up a little yesterday and I will try to catch up some more today.  Elizabeth and I went to storytime at Borders this morning and ran a million errands.  I also think I solved the carseat problem with a strap with a button that I wrapped around the straps right above the buckle.  She can still undo the buckle, but she can’t get the straps apart when she does undo the buckle.  I am hoping that since she can’t get any results from undoing the buckle, eventually she’ll give up on it.

Because putting safety pins under the buckle to keep her from sliding it down did absolutely nothing.  She didn’t need to slide it down to open it.  Apparently she can do it by touch and doesn’t need to see it.  When I perfect the strap solution, I’ll take a picture for all of you who are having the same problem.

We went to the consignment store today.  I go looking for cheap baby shoes and I end up buying adorable baby dresses.  Oh well.  And the consignment store has a walled off corner with a play kitchen that I can deposit Elizabeth in while I browse.  I called it Baby Jail once and Elizabeth picked up on that.  So now she adores Baby Jail.  When I put her in the car afterward, she sobbed “go back to Baby Jail!  Go back to Baby Jail!  Cook!  Press buttons!  Back to Baby Jail!”  Then I took her to Wal-Mart and bought my single yearly bag of candy corn.  Elizabeth promptly forgot all about the existence of Baby Jail and instead demanded “candies, Mama, OPEN it!”  She’s quite verbal with what she wants now.

Matt got a really nice set of towels from his parents for Father’s Day.  (Yeah, I don’t know why they buy him a present for Father’s Day.)  I looked them up online and they were expensive.  Only…they smell.  No matter how often I wash them, they smell musty.  I pulled them out of the dryer with all the clean clothes yesterday and they still smelled and all the clothes didn’t.  So I ran them through the wash again by themselves, twice, with diaper detergent.  If that doesn’t fix them, I declare them unfixable.

Something weird is going on with my email.  So if you emailed me and didn’t get a response that you expected, try again, okay?

Elizabeth unzipped her pajamas last night (she does this often) and then fell asleep with them still unzipped (she does this never).  So she slept all night with the pajama zipper pulled down mid-chest, as if she were a hairy chested man from the 1970s.  She needed a medallion on a thick gold chain though.

And now the BabyFace has woken up from her nap earlier than she was meant to awaken.  So whatever else I was going to say (something, but I can’t remember what) is going to have to wait.