Friday Night Leftovers

  • At storytime this morning, one of the mom’s was asking me a bunch of questions about where we live and whether Elizabeth is in daycare and does she like to play with other kids?  And I know she was hinting for me to ask them over for a playdate.  But…I don’t really like her, so I didn’t.  (And Elizabeth has nothing special for her kid either, and he’s almost a whole year older than Elizabeth.)
  • In a related note, it bothers me when strangers try to teach my kid random things.  Like in storytime this morning, the one mom was spelling out the letters on Elizabeth’s socks, trying to teach her to spell Happy Halloween.  Um, she’s one.  (Fine, she’s almost two.  But I don’t expect that she’ll learn to spell at two either.)
  • Another kid at storytime this morning came over to me and said something.  I said, “wow, you are a good talker, aren’t you?”  Then I asked her mom how old she was.  Then, in my head, I said “okay, not a good talker, average for your age, but you are a miniature child, aren’t you?”  (Honestly, I was off by almost a whole year in my guess of her age.)
  • Elizabeth is a particularly large child.  I realize this.  She lengthened out a while ago, so now she’s long and skinny (instead of round, like she used to be).  But she’s tall.
  • Tonight, I am making chicken parm for dinner.  I will not cave and go out.  (I said this same thing last week and of course, I caved and we went out.)
  • I just got some cute Baby Legs for Elizabeth on a fantastic sale.  I am excited.  I no longer shop for myself, it’s more fun to shop for her.  She can pull off wearing multicolored striped leggings, I cannot.
  • I wore a Halloween sweatshirt today.  So did Elizabeth.  Someone said that we looked cute dressed alike.  Blech.  I did not intend for us to look like we were matching.
  • It has taken me something like an hour and a half to write this.  Where is my brain lately?  Seriously.

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