This Post is Brought to You by My Deviated Septum

I have a deviated septum in my nose.  Basically, this means that the inside of my nose isn’t straight.  (Also, it means that if you try to look up my nose, you’ll see that my nostrils are two totally different sizes.  Oh, the things you are learning about me tonight.)  My sister had it (worse than me actually, she’s had two surgeries to correct it- the first time it grew back) and my mom has it.  For my daily life, really it just means that I am a mouth breather.  I’ve never tested it, but I am pretty sure that if you covered my mouth, I’d eventually pass out and die.  I don’t get enough air through my nose.  (So please don’t kidnap me, okay?)

I’ve considered getting surgery to fix this, but it seems like sooooo much effort for something that only bothers me 0.00003% of the time.

Then I get a sore throat.  And I would sign a waiver for surgery if I could only get a surgeon to come to my house immediately.

I’m sure you’ve figured out that this is on my mind tonight because I currently have a sore throat.  (And a headache.  And sore muscles.  And a case of the whining.)  (Honestly, I’m not that sick.  It’s like I’m fighting off something bigger.  Like I might have the flu if I hadn’t gotten my flu shot.  Or maybe I’m in the very early stages of the Bubonic Plague.)  (But probably not.)

Today’s post is late because I decided that instead of blogging during Elizabeth’s nap, I’d try and take a nap too.  So Elizabeth stayed in her crib (I watched television and watched her on the monitor) for two hours, singing, talking, and getting nakey (over and over again).  Finally, when we would have been approaching on a waaaaaaay too late nap which would have caused a waaaaaay too late bedtime, we got her out of her crib and ran errands and then took her to dinner.  She behaved surprisingly well (just a slight bit more opinionated than usual) for a baby with no nap.  But the good news is that she fell asleep two minutes into her rocking tonight and was asleep in bed before seven.  So I am going to bed by 7:30pm.  And Matt cleaned the kitchen for me.  I love him.