Guest Post the Fifth

Cleaning Products Death Match

Hi there! I blog over at Life of a Doctor’s Wife. I have been reading Jen’s blog for… a long time. I love her for many reasons. She’s an awesome parent. She keeps a neat and tidy house. And she just seems to have it all together. (In contrast to me, who, for instance, nearly choked to death on mouthwash last night.)  (Editor’s note: Jen is currently choking on…something, possibly soda, while she is uploading this post.  Isn’t it even less all together since this “Jen” doesn’t even know what she is choking on?)

Plus who can resist that adorable little cherub she totes around?

One of the things I love about Jen is her unbiased review of cleaning products. So I felt very strongly that I should give an unbiased review of cleaning products in my guest post.

Although I should clarify that by “unbiased” I mean “pretty darn biased.” Because of all the things I love in my life… Of all the things that make my life easier and better and more endurable… I would include bleach spray in at least the top 50. Okay, okay. Top 25.

It’s probably not the most environmentally sound way to clean a kitchen or a bathroom… But I much prefer a bottle of bleach spray and a paper towel to any other cleansing option.

My sweet husband, though… Well, he’s not a big fan of the bleach smell. Which is actually one of the reasons I LOVE bleach spray! It smells clean! And bleachy! It’s like being at the swimming pool without the foam noodles or the gratuitous pee!

So when my husband brought home a cylinder of Clorox disinfecting wipes, I was suspicious. I mean, despite the big old Clorox brand… these wipes don’t actually include bleach. And they don’t smell like bleach either.

But I wanted to at least APPEAR unbiased.

So I conducted a highly scientific test to prove my hypothesis (Bleach spray rocks), which I will share with you now.

First, I had to start with that most devious of stains:

No, that’s not blood. It’s pomegranate juice. Not the kind from a bottle. The kind from an actual pomegranate.

Then I brought out the reigning champion:

(Full disclosure: While the bottle says Target, do not be fooled. It’s filled with Clorox bleach spray.)

And finally, the bleach-free challenger:

Let’s try the Clorox wipe first.

On a cursory inspection, it seems to work just fine! Look at it go, wiping away all that pomegranate juice!

But if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s only removed the top layer of stain. The Clorox wipe just isn’t powerful enough to penetrate the stain where it’s soaked into the counter. Need proof? Here is a weird-looking close-up of the stain after the Clorox wipe treatment:

Here’s another close-up. I swear to you on my love of pizza that this is a photo of my counter and not a weird close up of skin.

Now let’s see the bleach spray in action!

And not just on a separate stain… No, we’re going to test it on the stain that the Clorox wipe couldn’t remove!

That bubbly white liquid is the bleach spray, working its magic!

Here is the same weird close-up of my counter – post bleach spray action.

It still looks weird, but there’s no longer a faint circle of pomegranate stain!

Hooray for perfectly clean counters! Bleach spray wins again!

If you aren’t convinced by the bleach spray’s stain-removing powers, consider this: the Clorox wipes leave a sticky residue behind. I spilled spaghetti sauce on my kitchen floor and my husband used a Clorox wipe to clean it up. Our bare feet stuck to the floor for days.