Take That, Germs

Barb just called me on the phone and apparently I don’t sound germy and gross, I sound sexy instead.  Ha!  So there, germs!  (Or Barb is just being nice.  That’s probably more likely.)

I have about 85% of my voice back today.  However, the germs have moved to my ears instead, so I can’t hear properly out of my right ear.

Yesterday, you couldn’t hear me.  Today, I can’t hear you.

I feel lots better though, so hopefully I am nearly healed.  Elizabeth continues to have a runny nose but no other symptoms, so I declare her still not sick.  (Her runny nose is totally clear runny-ness.  I think she’s fighting off the germs.)

Matt slept in the guest room last night because my coughing was driving him crazy.  Also, Trin has been licking during the night and that was making Matt crazy too.  Trin needs to go to the vet for a check up as soon as I am well enough to take two dogs (both dogs need shots) and a baby to the vet by myself.  I wonder if I could put the little dog in a backpack and carry him that way?


I finished the main part of Elizabeth’s Halloween costume yesterday.  Seriously, she is going to be SO cute that I think people might actually die.  And if they don’t think so, clearly they have no heart.