Why do I always feel the need to correct people?  Even when doing so changes absolutely nothing?

For example, for the last six months or so, since she looked old enough to talk (even when she wasn’t), people have been asking Elizabeth what her name is.  So recently, she’s been parroting it back to them.  The conversation goes like this:

Stranger: “Well, aren’t you the cutest baby?  What’s your name?”

Elizabeth: blank stare.  Occasionally she says “no” or “shy”.

Jen:  “Her name is Elizabeth.”

Stranger: “Well, hi, Elizabeth!”

Elizabeth: “Your name!”

Stranger: “You want to know my name?  Well, isn’t that sweet!  My name is blahblahblah.”  (Or Bob Loblaw, my fellow Arrested Development fans!)

Jen: “Actually, she always says “your name” after someone says Elizabeth because she knows that is her name and she doesn’t really have pronouns figured out yet.”

See?  Why do I do that?  It’s just stupid.  When we are at home and she says “your name”, I just say “your name is Elizabeth?  That’s right!” and Elizabeth is happy to have her thoughts recognized.  (Actually, most of the time at home she says “Dibits your name” because no one has started it off for her.)  But in public, I feel I have to correct people who are not understanding the baby correctly.  WHY?  Why do I do this?  I recognize both the futility and the ridiculousness of doing so, yet I continue to do it.  I make no sense.