Friday Night Leftovers- Saturday Afternoon Edition

  • Yeah, whatever, so I forgot yesterday was Friday until it was too late.  Danifred likes me, she’ll let me do Leftovers today instead.
  • We took the dogs to the vet this morning.  It was a new vet.  I liked them, despite the fact that the appointment took two hours (TWO HOURS) and since they were closing at noon, they asked us to come back for the shots (which were the main purpose of the visit) in a month.
  • You know, on paper, it sounds like we should be much more annoyed with the vet.  But they were nice and it seemed like the vet is the kind of guy who will remember our dogs between visits and kind of get to know them.  We missed that with our last vet experience.
  • I removed $.75 worth of quarters from Elizabeth’s diaper when I changed her.  And no, she didn’t swallow them.  She put them in her “pocket” this morning.  Only she didn’t have a pocket.
  • Once she took off her diaper and used it as a purse to carry around some empty candy wrappers.  (Candy is very important to her.)
  • When I took her to the vet with us, obviously I dressed her in her blue plaid dress with the scottie dogs on the collar.  I will absolutely do theme outfits for as long as I can get away with it.
  • Last night, I asked Elizabeth what she wanted for dinner.  She requested “fire and soup!”  By which she meant she wanted to go to the Japanese hibachi restaurant (Matt’s favorite restaurant).  I emailed Matt this because I knew he’d think it was funny.  He called me seconds later to ask if I had any random money around (hibachi is about twice as expensive as our normal restaurants, so we don’t go often) because that sounded really good to him.  I told him that I had two jars of coins in the closet that I had been meaning to exchange for paper money and I had been waiting for a good reason.  He didn’t think coins would be enough.  I told him I thought it would.  So I took them in, dumped them in that machine thing that counts money, and had enough for almost two hibachi dinners.
  • Then Matt got stuck in traffic on his way home so we got take-out Chinese instead.  We’ll probably go to hibachi tonight, since Elizabeth has continued to ask for “fire!”  (Sometimes she wants “soup and fire!” and sometimes she wants “rice and fire!”  But she remains constant in her desire for fire.)
  • The take-out Chinese place was a new one.  When they handed me my box of food, the manager pointed to a small container and said that he put something special in for Elizabeth.  I opened it when I got to the car and he had put in a free fruit salad for her.  Things like that really earn my loyalty.  She ate “more grapies pease!” all the way home.  (It was late and she was starving!)  And I mean it cost them, what?  One dollar?  Nothing?  (They are a buffet, I imagine they have leftover fruit that they throw away every night.)
  • Then when we got home and ate, she didn’t know what her piece of pineapple was (we haven’t hit all the fruits yet and pineapple was new to her) and she tried dipping it in her egg drop soup.

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