Weekends are Too Short

We ran a bunch of errands today, mainly in search of video games that Matt and his brother want to play together online.  When we realized that it was getting too late for Elizabeth to have a reasonable nap and still go to bed on time, we decided just to skip her nap and put her to bed early.  She had the crazy eyes a lot today.  And she stole my smoothie and finished off the last of it.  Mean baby wouldn’t share either.  It was a peach and strawberry smoothie and it was good.

Yesterday, Matt took Elizabeth to Build a Bear and let her pick out a bear.  He’s been trying to do this for months.  Pretty much every time we take her to the mall, he takes her in the store and lets her hug all the sample bears.  For a while, she thought it was a bear hugging store.  He would ask her “put back or take home?” and she’d always say “put back.”  But last night, she said “take home” and she picked the same bear about four times.  So he bought it for her.  However, the two of us adults had an in depth discussion and we decided that it was deeply important for the bear to play the Star Wars theme music when you squeeze its hand.  Which is awesome.

Even more awesome is that Elizabeth played the music over and over again as we were leaving the mall.  The best time was when the three of us came out of the elevator just as she started it.  It was like we had a theme song.