Guess What I Did Yesterday?

If you guessed that I spent the evening uploading videos, you win!  Your prize is this video.  Enjoy!*

Okay, and this video.  The actual video isn’t very good on this one because it is me filming the video baby monitor and the video camera didn’t know how to focus on that, but it is worth the viewing just for the audio.  (I think my favorite part is when Elizabeth yells “beep beep!  Beep beep!”  And then she gets up and pretends to drive her crib.)

What?  You want to see ANOTHER video?  Well, okay, if you insist.  (And obviously this is old, since her pack and play is set up in there which means the crib recall was still in effect.)

*Right, the “Enjoy!”  Matt says that you should say “please enjoy” because if you just say enjoy, you are ordering someone to enjoy something that they may not want to enjoy.  I say that he is weird.  We have this “discussion” quite a lot, especially when we watch the Food Network.