I Actually Do Know Better

Today, we had Elizabeth’s Halloween pictures taken.  We ran a few errands in the mall first and then got to the studio twenty minutes early so that Elizabeth could become accustomed to the new photographer and the new studio.  (Elizabeth was willing to accept hugs from the photographer in Florida- that’s how often we went.  Here, not so much.)  Well, we were twenty minutes early and the photographer was running a half hour behind.  (And yes, I was the second appointment of the day, thank you for asking.  Next time I will book the first one.)  So we waited for forty minutes before they even really acknowledged our presence.

Then Elizabeth took reasonable pictures.  I miss our old photographer.  She would have gotten much better ones.  Sigh.

Then we took a half an hour to check out.  (I’m not pointing fingers, but totally not MY fault.  Oh, or Elizabeth’s fault, she was really good.)  We ran through the mall food court because Elizabeth likes the samples they hand out and had been asking for “chickens!”

I asked her on the way out if she wanted to go home or to go to the consignment store.  (The consignment store is referred to as Baby Jail, since they have a closed in play area that Elizabeth LOVES.)  She told me she wanted to go home, so I said okay.  Then she changed her mind, whined a little, and demanded BABY JAIL, BABY JAIL.  So, stupidly, I took her to Baby Jail.

I lowered her into the play area and walked to look at the shoes.  The moment I was out of sight (of her, I could still see her, she just couldn’t see me), she started yelling for “MAMA!”  So I picked her up and she sobbed and whined in my shoulder.  I said that she was too tired and it was obviously naptime, so I took her out to the car.

Then, obviously, I took her to Sam’s Club to go shopping*.

*In my defense, even though this was really stupid, we were already practically at Sam’s Club, totally out of frozen chicken and Matt’s lunch stuff, and I don’t have time to come back for the rest of the week.  And after I bought her a bottle of water and a piece of pizza, she behaved acceptably well.