What Happens if You Have a Playgroup and Nobody Comes?

I joined the Mom’s group this month and today was my first official playgroup at my house.  Of course, next time will also be my first official playgroup at my house because no one came to this one.  I had one Yes RSVP and one When-He-Wakes-Up-From-His-Nap RSVP.  This morning, the Yes emailed me to say her other kid was sick and then at 11:20am (playgroup started at ten), the nap one called me to say he just woke up and they were too late to come.  Which is fine and all.   I appreciate that they both let me know and I appreciate that the one kept their germs at home.  Because someone else didn’t (and when I find out WHO) and that is how I ended up with strep.

So instead of playgroup, I did a Whole Bunch of Work.  I did insurance paperwork and tax paperwork and house paperwork and car paperwork.  I called the insurance company and then the doctor and then the insurance company and then the doctor again and hopefully I saved us $130.  I got our property taxes paid and I almost filed us for a homestead exemption (one small piece of missing information that I can’t get until Matt gets home).  And I got Matt’s car scheduled for a free oil change and a recall (apparently his car can explode if it is in a car accident and tips over on its side and burns for a while).

Elizabeth whined during the first insurance call so much that I got a really quick transfer to an agent.  Try the whiny toddler trick the next time you are trying to get through to a real person instead of a voice activated phone tree.  The phone would ask me a question, then it would pick up the sound of Elizabeth’s whining from my leg area, and then it would ask me “I didn’t understand that.  Did you say that you wanted to pay a bill?”  And then I’d say no and it would say “my mistake, let’s try again” in its little automated voice.  And then Elizabeth would cut it off again, mid sentence, and we’d do it again.  And then it said “let me transfer you to an agent.”  But it got me to a real person in like three minutes, as opposed to me giving all my information to the automated system and then being transferred to the agent I needed to talk to anyway and giving all my information to them again.

And, funny story for you.  While I was talking to this agent, she stopped suddenly (in response to the whining), and asked me if I needed to take care of someone (which I thought was really nice).  I said, no, she’s just whining, she wants me to read “Where’s Spot?” to her, so unless you want to wait while I read a board book, let’s just ignore her for now.  Then she told me about how her grandson does the same thing as soon as she gets on the phone.

And now I have to go because Elizabeth is supposed to be taking her nap.  But instead she has stripped off her sleep sack, her pajamas (she’s not normally in her pajamas for nap, just the sleep sack, but she was covered in yogurt and needed to be changed to something new anyway so I decided why not?), and her diaper and is bouncing up and down in her crib.