Friday Night Leftovers- The Weak and Pathetic Edition

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  • Seriously, I’ve been thinking that yesterday was Friday and that the day before was Thursday all week.  Annoying.
  • I went to lunch with the Mom’s Group today and may have converted someone to cloth diapers.  I have become a cloth diaper pusher, I swear.  I’m like “just try them!  You’ll love it, I promise!  It’s not addicting!  You can totally stop whenever you want!”
  • The Mom’s Group lunch was at 12:30pm.  I was at Target across the street from it at noon.  So I went to Toys R Us and stalled for a half an hour.  Then I got there and discovered that it actually started at 12:15pm.  I hate being late.
  • She stopped unbuckling her carseat straps for like two weeks.  Then she started again today.  And worse this time, over and over again.  Blech.   I need to put the auxiliary strap on again.
  • How do you respond when someone tells you something about their kid that isn’t like a GOOD thing, but isn’t a thing that you say “I’m sorry” to either?  Like it is just kind of a thing thing.  Like “she has autism.”  Because right now, all I tend to say is “ah” and that kind of stops the conversation dead.  Because “yeah, I thought so” doesn’t really work or “my cousin’s nephew’s sister knew a kid with autism too” is silly and “well, she seems very sweet anyway” just sounds rude.  Do I just need a longer phrase that means “ah”?  To me, it’s just kind of like you are giving me another piece of information, but it isn’t something I have a personal anecdote to add to the conversation about.  I don’t know.  Blogging has made me very receptive to other people’s feelings and I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by saying the wrong thing.