Cute Baby Saturday- Pumpkin Patch Edition

We went to the pumpkin farm on Thursday with basically all of Elizabeth’s friends.   She thought it was the best day ever.  Even though in this first picture, she is a little suspicious of a grandparent that is not HER grandparent.

This was a really nice cat.  It let all sorts of children pick it up and carry it around and continued purring.  And Elizabeth looked at this picture and said “ducks!”  Because this is where she got the ducks from that picture.  You put the little rubber ducks in the troughs and then pump the pumps until the ducks float to the other side.  Or, if you are Elizabeth, you collect all the ducks in your arms and cry when the other kids take a turn.

Hey!  It’s me in a picture!  All four of the moms that came today said that there are never any pictures of us, since we always take the pictures, so we spent all day handing our cameras around.

I really like this picture.  Someone (not me) was fussy.  I love that she still thinks Mama is the greatest.

Not her snack.  Elizabeth, snack snatcher, strikes again!

Hayride!  Or, if you are Elizabeth, farm ride.  She didn’t appear to have a LOT of fun on the hayride, just a normal amount of enjoyment.  (We went twice.)  But then she talked about the “farm ride” the whole way home.

Three toddlers in a corn maze!  They “marched” a good portion of the way.  We had five adults and three toddlers (and one baby in a sling) and STILL had two toddlers make a break for it and have to be chased down by the sound of their giggling.  (If you are counting, one of the other moms and her kid went a different way in the corn maze and “beat” us out.  She wins.)

Toddler sized hay maze.  Equipped with the most awesome wheelbarrows ever.

Corn pit!  This (and the ducks) were obviously Elizabeth’s favorite parts.  It was a largish area filled with corn kernels (the square kind that I think you use for animal feed, not the sharp kind you pop into popcorn) and they had eight or nine toy tractors in there.  The kids LOVED it.  LOVED.  All the moms got in at some point too (mainly for pictures, or at least we pretended that was why) and agreed that it was really cool.  (Also, this is the main reason we were so filthy when we got home.)  Oh, and Elizabeth called them “corn berries.”

Back to the ducks.  She loved those ducks.  Note the protective duck shielding she is doing to prevent other children from playing with them.

The kids were pumping the pumps all on one side and pumped all the water into the opposite side.  So this is a picture of me trying to pump it back so that their side would work again.  And Elizabeth is sitting on my lap right now and would like to add her commentary to this picture.  “Dibits crying!”  (Why is Dibits crying?)  “Someone take the ducks!”*

*She wasn’t actually crying in this picture, but apparently she remembers the horrible duck stealing that I aided and abetted.  Wait, now she is telling me that “Adam take dem.”  Actually, Mama took them.