Cleaning Week- Your Motivation & Decluttering

This sounds kind of silly to me, but seriously, one of the first steps I took into having a nice neat house was to decide WHY I wanted a nice neat house.  I decided that not only was it better for my family to live somewhere free of chaos, but it was better for me.  I get stressed with clutter around.  It is easier to keep a clean house clean too, instead of fighting an up and down battle with a house.  Simply realizing that my life was better in an uncluttered house was pretty much enough to motivate me to keep it clean.

Now, once you’ve decided WHY you want to keep the house clean and that it is a reason that is important to you, you actually have to start doing it.  The first step (and like I said, none of this is new ideas, just the stuff that worked for me) is to get rid of about half of your stuff.  If you aren’t using it NOW and you can’t think of a specific time when you will need, send it out of your house.  For me, the turning point on this was when I realized that every single item in my house is an item I have to take care of.  I have to store it, organize it, dust it, know where it is, etc.  Yes, even if you keep it under the sink all the way to the back, you still have to deal with it occasionally and those occasionallys add up so that you are dealing with something every day.

This is why I just got rid of my second eyelash curler.  I was saving it because “it was still good” and “someday I’d need it.”  But, how long would it be before my current eyelash curler wore out?  Years and years, especially since I rarely wear makeup.  Yes, an eyelash curler is tiny and takes up no space, but it is the cumulative effect of these things that can add up to wear you down.  So, as you go about your daily life, teach yourself to notice these things and decide if they are something you are actively using.  If not, toss it, sell it, or donate it, but don’t keep it for “just in case.”  Since I started doing this, my house is a lot emptier.  I actually have drawers in the bathroom and dresser that are completely empty.  It is really nice.