Friday Night Leftovers- The Halloween Edition

The last installment of cleaning week will appear later tonight if I have time and tomorrow if I do not.  It has been preempted because, uh, I don’t feel like writing it right now.  Not for any good reason.

  • Is there anything more disgusting than raw meat under your fingernails?  (Don’t answer that, the answer obviously is yes, but raw meat under your fingernails is still really disgusting.)  I’ve been getting us back on our cooking schedule rotation (which is going really well), but twice this week, I’ve ended up scraping raw meat out from under my fingernails.
  • Elizabeth was the only one dressed up in a costume at story time this morning at the library.  One other baby had a theme bib and another kid wore an orange shirt.  But obviously I am the only one with any HOLIDAY SPIRIT.
  • Story time was all themed today, with orange lights and a Halloween story and decorations.  They got goodie bags at the end and Elizabeth was perfectly happy.  I think once she figures out what this whole trick or treating thing is, she is going to be ecstatic.
  • I do suspect that we will have to sit down in front of the first couple of houses so that she can eat her piece of candy immediately.
  • So, my fabulous plan to take a completely adorable but still easy snack to the mom’s group Halloween party today was thwarted when the grocery store didn’t have the right kind of bread.  My easy snack became a little more complicated when I ended up baking a loaf of homemade bread instead.  (I’m making this.  And the bread is just the container and not even meant to be eaten!  Don’t worry though, I will be sure to eat all the bread that I scrape out.  Thou shalt not waste homemade bread.)
  • I just called to change a doctor’s appointment, waited on hold, finally got through to someone and then apparently they couldn’t hear me and hung up on me.  Grr.
  • Okay, I took a twenty minute break from posting, tried again, and got through.  Twice.  Once to cancel Matt’s first appointment and the second time to make a new appointment after Matt emailed me his work schedule.
  • This last bullet convinces me that I am out of interesting topics for bullet points, so I think I’ll go eat a frozen Twix bar.

Danifred is someplace else, so who knows if she is doing Friday Night Leftovers this week.  But you should go to her blog  just in case.