Hair We Go Again

Okay, remember how ages ago I got my hair cut and they left three chunks of too long hair hanging down below all the rest of my hair?  And I swore that I would never get a cheap haircut again?  Well, I didn’t, that is not where this story is going.  But, it turns out that when haircuts cost three times more, I don’t go as often and I don’t go AT ALL when we know that Matt’s (old) company is closing and that he needs a new job and that we are about to move and all.

The moral of the story is that I didn’t get a haircut for a whole year and my hair was driving me crazy.  It was too long and hard to deal with and the ends were all gross.

This morning, I got it all cut off.  I donated a good twelve inches (fourth hair donation!) and I still have this much left.