Yesterday, we took Elizabeth to our town’s downtown trick-or-treating.  Mainly it was too crowded.  We skipped most of the official activities, like the costume parade and the costume contest, but we did leave the main party area and go to some of the shops for a little trick-or-treating practice.

Elizabeth has long been suspicious of strangers.  She likes to tell them “no” or “shy” when they ask her things like what her name is or how old she is.  I’ve been rehearsing with the whole “say trick or treat!” but I frankly didn’t have much hope.  She did say it once yesterday and she’s trick-or-treating tonight with an older boy (he’s two and a HALF), so I hope she’ll do a little better tonight.

She REALLY liked picking out the candy herself when they held the bowl out to her.  She seriously considers the entire bowl before making a selection.  She only takes one.  (I didn’t tell her that.  I think she just doesn’t want to press her luck.)  By the time we’d done about five stores, she was getting the hang of it.  We waited in a short line at an antique store.  When we got to the front, the lady handing out the candy picked up a hershey bar to give to Elizabeth.  Then she saw the cuteness of my baby fairy and, instead of immediately handing over the loot, started commenting on her outfit (“oh, where did you get this skirt?!”) and how cute the baby is in general.  Elizabeth started gently prodding the candy bowl with her little trick or treating bag in order to get her to hurry up and give her the candy already.  It was HILARIOUS.  It was very subtle and I don’t think the woman even noticed, but I did and I laughed so hard as soon as we were out of the store.  So, Miss Elizabeth the Fairy is starting to get the idea and I think she’ll have a fabulous time tonight.  Pictures will follow, of course.  And Trin Dog is going to dress as a hot dog and go out on a leash for a little while, if Matt still feels like dragging her being dragged by her.