Halloween- The Pictures

A little Halloween morning cuteness.  “No pictures, Mama!”  A minute later, she turned around and hid her head in Matt’s lap so that I couldn’t take any more pictures.

But if you give her a smoothie she’ll let you take her picture.  (My smoothie.  She’s a little smoothie thief.)

Elizabeth and her friend (a scurvy pirate!) contemplate whether or not they can fill the entire wagon up with candy.

“Why are we stopping, Mama?  NO, no pictures.  Open my candies instead.”

I was actually really disappointed in our neighborhood.  We live in a very kid neighborhood.  Obviously this is our first Halloween in this house.  And when we went trick-or-treating, probably about only one house in eight was participating.  Very disappointing.

“Mama!  If I wear this year’s costume and last year’s costume at the same time, do I get DOUBLE the candy?”

“Kids!  Kids are coming to Dibit’s house!  I will put candies in their bags!”  Honestly, she has as much fun handing out candies as she did receiving candies.

And, people we saw last night, she’s a FAIRY, not a princess and not a butterfly.

I love this picture of her sticking her head into the candy bin.

She took the job of Candy Relocator very seriously.

She had a fantastic night, went to bed late, and then slept two hours later than usual this morning.