Friday Night Leftovers- Saturday Afternoon Edition

  • My neck was all itchy through the whole trip to the mall today.  Then I finally realized that my turtleneck was on backwards.
  • I bought skinny jeans.  I don’t know about this.  (I haven’t tried them on yet.)  (Also, the tags are still on, I can take them back.)
  • Matt is at the movies seeing Saw Whichever-Number-They-Are-Up-To right now.  According to him, the first few were good and then they’ve gotten more and more ridiculous.
  • Wal-Mart had some kind of pre-Black Friday sale this morning where they put some electronics on sale (MASSIVE sale) at 8:00am.  We’ve been looking for a new television for the guest room for a while (the one we have there now is from college and doesn’t really work anymore, college was a long time ago now).  So we decided that if we happened to be awake, one of us or all three of us would go.  So Elizabeth woke us up at 7:30am, she got in bed with Matt to snuggle, and I went off to Wal-Mart.  They only had six televisions on sale, but I was first there (arrived at 7:47am, one jerk guy cut in front of me, so I was actually second in line) so I got one.  And for $100 off the price, which is spectacular.
  • However, Matt considers Black Friday to be akin to a religious holiday, so he thinks he might be able to beat this deal.  This is only the back-up television deal.  So we aren’t opening it and we are going to keep the receipt to return it, in case he can find a better television for a better price.
  • Speaking of guest rooms, I would really like to find new comforters for our guest room.  We have two twin beds, the room is painted a bright-ish blue, the furniture is a medium dark wood, and I have white sheets.  I have two light blue comforters right now, but they are quite lightweight and I bought them intending them to eventually be the blankets that go between the sheet and the comforter.  Anyone have any decorating ideas?  And not too expensive either, it adds up when you have to buy for two beds and I just bought a television for that room.
  • Because we have company coming for Thanksgiving and I need them before then.  Or something, at least.  I’ve been sleeping in the guest room at night, waiting for my cough to go away, and it is too cold in there for company.  I’ve been using both blankets on the one bed and obviously, that won’t work when both beds are in use.
  • We are planning on living in this house for longer than our normal ten month period this time, so I am trying to decorate like we are living here long term.  (I’ve never done that before.  I always buy everything neutral and easily moveable, so that it will work in whatever house we live in.)  It’s kind of fun.  I’ve mainly been working on the playroom first, since that is more fun.  And could someone tell Trin dog to stop sitting on the new pillows I made myself (because I couldn’t find them in the right colors in the stores) and getting dog hair all over them?

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