Random- Without Bullets

So, I still hate daylight savings time.  It just means that I have to get up at the same time that I always do, but the clock is showing an hour earlier and I went to bed an hour later the night before (you know, when the clock said it was bedtime).  Also, Elizabeth is kind of wandering around going “why am I so hungry and tired?  This makes me CRANKY.  Something is wrong here and I BLAME YOU, MAMA LADY!”  It’s just thrown everything off and I dislike.

I cleaned so much this morning (stove and oven) that I wore the skin off three of my fingers.  I am now bandaged up, but it still hurts to type.  I was telling Matt about my poor wounded fingers on the phone and he wanted to know how I did it.  I told him it wasn’t any kind of accident or something, just overuse from scrubbing that much.  (Also, I’ve been changing all the sheets and washing all the sheets and towels.  Serious work going on here today.)

I bought two new sets of sheets for the guest room yesterday.  I put one on and thought, “hmm, that top sheet seems awfully wide.”  And then I put the second set on the other bed and thought, “well, that seems normal.”  And it was.  So now I have to return a set of sheets (which I washed and threw away the packaging for already) because it came with a twin sized bottom sheet and a twin sized pillowcase, but a full sized flat sheet.  Sigh.

And on to the advice section of today’s post.  I feel like something is off with me.  I’ve been getting sick lately when I used to be chronically healthy.  My skin is substandard (see above, re: skin coming off fingers).  I’m getting little tiny random infections.  Basically, things that used to bother me once every couple of years are happening all at once and keep returning.  Something is not right.  I feel like I need to do a cleanse or something like that, even though I’ve never done one of those and I used to think them rather silly.  Anyone have any ideas?  I recently started taking probiotics and echinacea to try to improve my immune system, and garlic for its anti-fungal properties.  But I feel like I need to do something to get back to my annoyingly good health.