The Weirdest Picture on my Camera

Yeah, I think you guys are right.  More sleep.  Sigh.  I want it to be something easy, like “seriously, Jen, have you tried eating dozens of chocolate chip cookies because I think that will totally heal everything!”  So I am going to try to go to bed earlier this week and see if that helps.  I am also going to get some vitamins and the like and see where that lands me.

So, as your reward for helping me with my random malaise, here are some odd pictures:

This is the dip I took to the Halloween party that no one ate because it was too cute.

And here is my autumn candle, which for months has had a little piece of black wick floating in it.  I finally slid the wick out to the side when the candle was on so that I could pick it out when the candle cooled.  Only it wasn’t a little piece of wick.

That’s right, a tiny spider that obviously fell into my candle last year.  And that is the strangest picture I had on the camera.