The Magic White Board

I made jam today (blueberry-blackberry) and nothing makes me feel more super domestic than making jam.  (Or makes me feel more Super Domestic, my part time alter-ego.  I need a cape.)

And I said that I would post pictures of my fabulous new white board system when Lindsay started blogging again.  And now that she is, here is my fabulous new white board system.

Okay, it is divided into sections.  There is a to-do list on the upper left hand side.  The lower left hand side has a calendar.  The rest of the board is divided into two weeks worth of calendar.  The top row is for the current week and the bottom row is for next week.  On Saturday night or Sunday morning (or Sunday night when I am late) I move the appointments for next week on to the current week.

The most awesome part is that it is a magnetic white board.  I have Matt’s work schedule on little yellow magnets (Matt works three variable shifts, depending on which shift he is supervising that day) and the meal plan on purple magnets.  Eventually, I intend to put all the chores on magnets and then I will be able to plan out the week by moving those around too.

On the other wall, I have a bulletin board.  It’s got the mom’s group calendar on it and anything else I might need.  (Right now it is also holding the invitation to Matt’s company’s holiday party and the menu that I am going to order our Thanksgiving turkey from.)

These white boards are in the hallway off the kitchen that leads to the laundry room, so they are easily accessible and I check them all the time.

I still need some kind of little box to mount on the wall next to the white board to hold the pens and eraser and such.  Does anyone have any ideas?  There is a nice one at Target but it is too big and too expensive.  It’s not exactly what I am looking for either.  I bought a little straw basket, but it stuck out too far and wasn’t stable on the wall (being that it isn’t intended to be wall mounted.)

And now, I went to bed early last night so I have nineteen different emails to return before the baby wakes up for she does not allow me to use my computer.  Oh, and I am giving away my reusable Swiffer Wetjet cloths.  If you want them, email me at herewegoajen at gmail.