A Bitey Thing

Even though we haven’t used them for teething in a while, I still keep the teething rings in the freezer.  A few times, Elizabeth has fallen and bumped her mouth, so I’ve given her a frozen teething ring to try to soothe her.  We call them ‘bitey things’.  Now she thinks that she needs one whenever she hurts anything.  (Which is fine, whatever makes you happy, kid.)

So, she’ll fall and cry a little and then run to the freezer shouting “need a bitey!”  I open the freezer and she chooses one off the lower shelf.

Recently, I put some of the leftover Halloween candy on the same shelf.  (Because is there anything better than a frozen Twix bar?)  After her last bump, she ran to get her bitey thing and as always, narrated what she was doing and what she wanted me to say.

(She said this whole sentence.  She messes up her pronouns and also says what she wants me to say to her.)

“Get a bitey!  Which one do you choose?  You choose… candies!  I yike candies!”

Yeah.  That would make me feel better too.