Three Pictures

Here is another picture of the Babyface wearing my clothes.  She was quite proud.  (And yes, she is also wearing my socks and my underwear.)

Matt brought Elizabeth a child sized broom from his work.  She was delighted.  She’s been sweeping up a storm.  Also, she’s been using it to knock things underneath the refrigerator.  (And then she becomes quite concerned, “uh oh, Mama, Sally Car under da fridge!”)

And, as requested during cleaning week, here is a picture of my silverware drawer.

The silverware is in the organizer that it came with (but it is getting kind of worn, I might need to replace it soon).  The knife block is from Williams Sonoma and I got it for Christmas three years ago.  The little box for the baby silverware is from The Container Store.  The red box for the steak knives is from somewhere…maybe Wal-Mart or Target?  I bought it a long time ago.  The little white latch is the childproof lock that keeps Elizabeth from trying to chop things with my ten inch chef knife.

But the real secret to the silverware drawer organization are the little wooden dowels that I cut to fit in the back of the drawer.  They keep the organizers from sliding around when you open and close the drawer.

And now the baby has awoken from her nap and we are going to go to Target.